Group fondue – January 2020

Group members



Dr. Basile F. E. Curchod – Assistant Professor

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DSC03002Lea-Maria Ibele – PhD Student (since 2018)
Lea grew up in Dornbirn (Austria) and completed her BSc and MSc in Chemistry at the University of Vienna. During her master thesis in the González Research Group she worked on the surface hopping dynamics of the adenine oligonucleotide focusing on a detailed wavefunction analysis to characterise the excited states.


Dr. Antonio PrljPostdoctoral Researcher (since 2019)
Antonio completed his MSc in Chemistry at the University of Zagreb. He obtained his PhD degree in the group of Prof. Clemence Corminboeuf in EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), followed by a short postdoctoral stay with Prof. Jiri Vanicek. His research interests include molecular excited states and nonadiabatic dynamics methods, as well as organic electronics materials.


Lewis Hutton – PhD Student (since 2019)
Lewis is originally from Oxford. He completed his integrated masters in chemistry (MChem) at Cardiff University. In his masters project, with Prof. Peter Knowles, he worked on surface hopping calculations of the 1,3-Cyclohexadiene ring opening reaction using electronic structure methods.


Emanuele MarsiliPhD Student (since 2019)
Emanuele grew up in Siena (Italy). He completed a Bachelor in Chemistry in his home town and he got a Master at the University of Paris-Saclay within the SERP Chem European program. During his bachelor he worked with Prof. Massimo Olivucci on a model of rhodopsin potential energy surfaces, and then applied this model with different dynamics methods during his Master thesis in Paris under the supervision of Dr. Federica Agostini and Dr. David Lauvergnat.


Joe CooperMaster Student (since 2019)



Yorick Lassmann – Master student (since 2020)
Yorick is originally from in Vienna (Austria) but decided to move to Zürich (Switzerland) and study Chemistry at ETH. There he received his Bachelors degree and is currently pursuing a Masters degree. He has joined the group to do his Master Thesis here.







María Eugenia Sandoval-Salinas Visiting PhD Student (since 2019)
Maru grew up in Mexico, where she completed her BSc and MSc in Chemistry. Currently, she is a PhD student at the University of Barcelona. Her research is carried out under the supervision of Dr. David Casanova in the DIPC (Donostia International Physics Center) and focused on the electronic structure characterization of organic radicals and photophysical processes.




Jack TaylorSummer-project Student (2019)
Jack has lived in Hereford all his life and is currently at Durham reading an integrated masters Chemistry course. Having completed two years of his undergraduate degree he is currently undertaking a summer project delving into the photochemistry of atmospheric molecules.

43654237_1981545495225736_6606761600877592576_o (1)
Angus Nicolson – 
Master Student (2018 – 2019)
Angus has lived in Oxford for most of his life and is now reading a Natural Sciences integrated masters course in Durham. He will graduate with a joint honours in Chemistry and Physics, giving him a strong theoretical background.