Slides and notes from different lectures can be downloaded below. The pdfs are password-protected.

Feel free to contact Basile to get the password if you are interested.

  • August 2019, Rutgers (USA)
    Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics
    Lecture given during the “2019 TDDFT School & Workshop: Excited states and dynamics”.
    – Lecture
    Additional reading
  • May 2019, CEA Saclay (France)
    Trajectory-based approaches to excited-state dynamics
    Lecture given during the CECAM School entitled “From quantum to classical molecular dynamics”.
    – Part 1 (Basile Curchod)
    Part II (Federica Agostini)
    – Exercises
  • April 2019, Zaragoza (Spain)
    Ab Initio Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics
    Lecture given during the School entitled “Quantum and Mixed Quantum-Classical Dynamics in Photochemistry“.
    Part 1 
    Part 2