Slides and notes from different lectures can be downloaded below. The pdfs are password-protected.

Feel free to contact Basile to get the password if you are interested.

  • August 2019, Rutgers (USA)
    Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics
    Lecture given during the “2019 TDDFT School & Workshop: Excited states and dynamics”.
    – Lecture
    Additional reading
  • May 2019, CEA Saclay (France)
    Trajectory-based approaches to excited-state dynamics
    Lecture given during the CECAM School entitled “From quantum to classical molecular dynamics”.
    – Part 1 (Basile Curchod)
    Part II (Federica Agostini)
    – Exercises
  • April 2019, Zaragoza (Spain)
    Ab Initio Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics
    Lecture given during the School entitled “Quantum and Mixed Quantum-Classical Dynamics in Photochemistry“.
    Part 1 
    Part 2

Presentation given in June 2021 during the workshop “Principles of light-induced charge transfer for optogenetics“.

Presentation of VR in chemistry in the context of the Salter’s Festivals of Chemistry.
This video was commissioned by the Salters’ Institute as part of the Festivals of Chemistry 2021 (festivalsofchemistry.co.uk). It was filmed, produced and edited by CTVC. 

Ground-state density reconstructed for Ab Initio Multiple Spawning (left), numerically-exact Quantum Dynamics (center), and Trajectory Surface Hopping (right) for a two-dimensional two-state model system. Movie by Lea M. Ibele.